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Mishy's gameplay for Guild Wars (PC)

Mishy played Guild Wars

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Mishy said...
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I started up a Necromancer / Elementalist to get the Tapestry Shred from Gwen and to get the Defender of Ascalon achivement (Hit level 20 in Ascalon BEFORE the searing) maybe i'll even get some Black and Silver dye while im there since it has the best drops.
Guild Wars

Guild Wars (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 28/APR/05
128 minutes
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^_^ sounds fun..
*Sigh* I've always loved playing Guildwars.. I really should devote more time to this game.. >_< I think part of my problem is that I don't really have any friends who play this game, so my GW experiences are primarily solo..
same here, i havent played in ages - i dont even know what kind of character would be a good build anymore and none of my friends really play it anymore either - so the few times i went back to try it out I was simply soloing around with some NPC group mates, a bit less interesting than it was leveling up with some friends.
Ah Guild Wars. I remember playing this when it first came out. I was a Ranger/Necromancer, I was trying to get the Black Widow Spider as a pet but never succeeded I ended up with the Black Bear.
Sad to say I never played Guild Wars, although I wanted to. It is right up my alley being a Third Person Shooter/ Action RPG type thing. If I remember right, I was to busy playing Mech Warrior2 then, blowing stuff up {and dying a lot "Warning !...Critical hit arm, critical hit heat sink"}....8^)
Guild wars is a good game to play. But I play the faction version and I am stuck on a mission.
Its worth it, to bad theres not alot of people who party up with you = ( ah well

I really enjoy partying up with people, so if you are looking to party up let me know. If at all possible I'll help you out. I'm not incredibly goal orientated, I mostly play for fun. and I know you are fun!

Since you have Guild Wars and I have Guild wars Faction Maybe we can find each other on the network.

What games do you play and how much fun do you get from playing?
I have all 4, My favorite is Prophecies, but I've beaten it on every profession, +1 so its getting kinda old hat. Factions is my second favorite. I've only beaten it on 3 of my toons. Nightfall is next, Beaten it on 3 as well, Then lastly GWEN. only beaten it once. It's my least favorite. not sure why, maybe it the story line. It seems to lack a clear direction.
If you wanna stay in the starter area hook me up on it lol. Shadowking we can talk but i can't meet you since i don;t have Factions yet
My fav was always Nightfall. the whole reason i returned the first time was the NF release. Second would be EoTN most likely due to new content. But if i'm on and someone needs help let me know. Oh yea I have all campaigns
My personal fav chapter is EoTN.. Vikings RULE! ^_^
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