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Mishy's gameplay for Star Trek: Legacy (PC)

Mishy played Star Trek: Legacy

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Mishy said...
No description entered yet...
Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek: Legacy (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Action Strategy
Release Date: 05/DEC/06
241 minutes
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What are you thinking with this? I played through until I got to a certain point... and that mission was so tedious that I never went back. Curious how you are finding the game play. I wanted to like this game so much!
Worse space sim ever. Tried to build on the success of earlier Starfleet command games, failed to deliver. Didn't get all that far either, felt no real need to do it.
I actually didn't think it was all that bad. Not the best game, but certainly not the worst.
@Hagan Yeah I mean, I totally agree... wanted to like this... played as far as I could until the effort just wasn't worth the reward.
The game at its stock point is ok the missions are a bit of a pain but when you have those large scale mods (Aftermath, Trek Battles etc etc) the game becomes so much more fun with many ship options and more. I don't have to put much effort into at all either ^_^
I just kept thinking at the beginning "So this is where Dr Sam Beckett ended up.". If your too young to remember Quantum Leap, its probably best not to ask.
That was a joke, right? It better be.
Yes a joke...
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